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This is where I put my ideas. The pictures aren't clear, nor are the ideas at all safe or garanteed to work, they're just thoughts I found interesting and decided to draw. The pictures are about 248K each... Have fun looking!

Brake Chip

Here's a picture of my 'brake chip'. VERY crude; I designed it because I only had a 2 channel RC control and I wanted to control a car I was building with thrust, steering and brakes (a two channel system will only provide for thrust and steering). It is made so that if the car is moving fast in one direction, it will make a voltage through a generator (electric motor) attatched to it's axle. When the polarity is reversed, the circuit will put the channel the reverse energy to the brakes on until there is no more energy from the generator (when the axle stops turning). I made this when I new nothing about conventional circuits, so I know that if I put my mind to it, I can build it much smaller and use an amplifier circuit to make it more sensitive and gates to replace the motors. If you can make a circuit version of this (I don't think I'll be doing it; I'm not that good at circuitry) please send me a copy!

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