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Welcome to my TI page! In the near future, I will be adding links to TI hardware, software and information that we (my brother and I) think are worth putting up here. Don't forget to check back at this page often! So don't forget, bookmark this page and CHECK BACK OFTEN!!!

NOTE: I am not in any way associated with Texas Instruments... I just happen to like the calculators they make

Hot TI Links! Be careful - Don't get burned!

-Un-Official TI Page Lots of stuff for Texas Instrument (TI) Calculators - if you can't find it here, I doubt you'll find it anywhere!
-TI-Files - check it out!
-Ed's TI-82/83 Page
-Talk to Andy if you want a parallel link for your calculatror!
-The Hookman's Highdowt If you want math programs, you gotta check out this guys' page! Tons of other neat stuff too!
-The TI-83/85/92 RAM Expander Want more memory for you're TI? Whether you do or ya don't check this place out! Makes you wonder why Texas Instruments didn't hire him... Expander has been completed!!! Check out the Expander SF homepage fo more details!!!
-Kari's Home Page get Zpad here!!!-
-The TI-85 Calculator Center home of MEGARACERS!!!!!!!!, by Will Stokes
-Online ZShell school
-Fantasy Realms VERY cool TI page!
-Andreas Ess' homepage
-Jay's Texas Instruments Calculator Page - Version 3.1
-Ian's TI-85 Homepage
-D a r k G e n e r a t i o n
-Dines' Homepage
-Sklasher's TI92 Page
-TI Calculator Center-Hardware
-TI-85 Assembler Programming
-The Official Site of Nicholas Metcalfe
-DigitaLINKª Home Page
-BURN'S Webpage Check this place out!!! This one's HOT!!! Has tons of other stuff too - A definite "must-see"!

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