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Last Updated:  August 12, 1998

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        Links (sites with =(number)= are TOP sites)

Circuit schematics/plans/info
Electronics info page  =1= one of the coolest sites I've seen - LOTS of info -- this one is a must see!
Circuit Central  =2= great resources for beginners and experts; well organized

Electronics 2000=3= cool site with some of the best stuff I've seen in a while
Electronic Circuits for the Hobbyist== RC Air. related circuits
Mark's Page of Electrical Madness== several circuits.
Engineering Corner  == has some cool links
The Electronics Links Zone:  links to other pages with electronics - manufacturers/commercial and personal pages
Electronics Abound
The Electronic Cookbook Archive  == lots of different circuits
Stamp Applications  == BASIC STAMP application circuits
Leper'sEffectsSchematics  == TONS of audio circuits
WE-MAN!'sElectroStuff  == lots of circuits, organized by type
WenzelAssociatesTechnicalLibrary  == has a few pretty nifty circuits
Sci.ElectronicsFaq:Repair:Camera Flash and Stobe FAQ  == info on camera flash +circuits
Don'sXenonFlashPage  == more camera flash stuff
TheHandyBoard  == used to control robots and sstuff
Circuit Cookbook WWW page  == lots of different circuits
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive  == miscalleneous circuits / links
Useful Electronic Circuits
Fil'shomepage:Main Index
PIC microcontroller faq Index  == FAQ on the PIC processor, can be used to control robots and other stuff
FTP Interface for Motorola Archives
Microprocessor Information  == info on PIC, BASIC Stamp and other microcontrollers
Eric Behr's Collection of Electronic Speed Controls  == control the speed of a motor with an RC servo control
Circuit designing software
Electronics stuff FTP site
Randy's Electronic Engineering Page  == cool info and links on electronics
Bryan Rittmeyer's Hobby Robotics Web Site  == robot info
The R/C Web Directory
JOHN BEDINI'S COLLECTION OF FREE ENERGY MACHINES  == e-mailed this guy - no response!  FAKE?!
Commercial Sites
Electronics Express - cool mail order company -- check it out!
ExpressPCB - Free PCB layout editor for Win95 & low cost PC board manufacture
Electronics Workbench Home Page  == PCB design program
All Electronics Corp.- PDF Files
Un-Official TI Page Lots of stuff for Texas Instruments (TI) Calculators - if you can't find it here, I doubt you'll find it anywhere!
Bryan Rittmeyer's Hobby Robotics Web Site  == Extender UP - allows you to increase the memory of your TI-92
Ed's Ti-82/83 Page
Talk to Andy if you want a parallel link for your calculatror!
The Hookman's Highdowt If you want math programs, you gotta check out this guys' page! Tons of other neat stuff too!
The TI-85 RAM Expander Homepage of the Expander SF - allows expansion of your TI-85's memory
Kari's Home Page get Zpad here!!!
The TI-85 Calculator Center home of MEGARACERS!!!!!!!!, by Will Stokes
Online ZShell school
Fantasy Realms VERY cool TI page!
Andreas Ess' homepage
Jay's Texas Instruments Calculator Page - Version 3.1
Ian's TI-85 Homepage
D a r k G e n e r a t i o n
Dines' Homepage
Sklasher's TI92 Page
TI Calculator Center-Hardware
TI-85 Assembler Programming
The Official Site of Nicholas Metcalfe
DigitaLINKª Home Page
BURN'S Webpage Check this place out!!! This one's HOT!!! Has tons of other stuff too - A definite "must-see"!

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